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My name is Laurie Bramhall and I have been working in the New England film industry since the movie “What Lies Beneath” (1999) and theatrical costuming for 35 years. I grew up in New England, went to school in Boston and am a homeowner. My work on film contributes to a mortgage, college loans for our daughter and tuition for our son.

In film I generally work as a set costumer, background costumer and stitcher. I also teach and work as an Adjunct Professor at Emerson College. I have the best of both worlds – theater work during the academic year and movie work during the summer.

Unfortunately, I cannot make a living just as an Adjunct (temporary, part time). The summer work on Feature Films provides a large part of my income. It also provides stories and first hand experience that I am able to share with the costume design / construction students I work with at Emerson.

We have a very incredible Feature Film workforce here in new England and I feel honored and blessed to work amongst this large group of very talented artists and technicians.

Please do not take away our livelihoods.

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