Leslie :: Associate Producer


I’m from Detroit Michigan and around the time I knew my dream was to get involved with the movie industry there was a lot of talk about the film incentive that was happening in Detroit. A large studio was being built, they were talking about classes to train locals to get involved in the industry and I was excited to be a part of that world. Then the tax incentive was voted out and I knew that if I wanted to be in film then I couldn’t stay in Detroit.

I left my family and friends and moved to MA and within the last couple of years I’ve made a new family and new friends in this industry. I’ve worked in production, art department, construction, helped in the scenic world and coordinated and produced. I love film and I love the people here and the industry it creates for all the local businesses in all the departments I’ve helped in. Detroit is a place that needs jobs more then anything and needs businesses to be invigorated, the tax incentive could have done that like it does every day for MA but that opportunity was taken away. I don’t want MA to suffer in the same way and I cannot stress the amount of jobs, and business the incentive brings.

PLEASE take a moment to look at the faces of my new family and think what this film incentive means to each and every one of them.

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