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I’m Doug Pellegrini, owner of Needham Saw & Tool Co. We are privileged to supply and service cutting tools to the set producers of the film industry. A movie set may require creating a ship, a house, or a court room, all full-size, right here, in a short time frame. We work with highly skilled craftspeople working widely varied materials on crazy schedules, and enjoy the challenge of contributing to the effort.

We also work with a few Massachusetts colleges that support theater companies, generating performance and production talent that dovetails well with the film industry. One of our biggest customers began in set production and has grown to industrial displays, TV studios, and institutional millwork (i.e., cafeterias, libraries, and museums).

From our position, we see the film industry as an economic engine that draws from locally trained talent for Massachusetts jobs at the time of filming and rippling through related industries for years later.

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