Meriden :: Production Manager


My name is Meriden and I am a freelance Production Manager. I grew up in Central Illinois and went to film school at Northwestern with high hopes of some day working in production. After college I moved to LA because I thought it was the only place I would be able to work in the industry. Coming from a small town in Illinois, LA was slightly overwhelming. After a few years working in LA, I moved to Boston and I love the production community I have found here.

I know there are many people who work in the industry who have benefited from the film tax incentive, but I also see it benefit countless local businesses. For every production that shoots in Massachusetts we rent equipment, purchase food, buy wardrobe, build props, rent vehicles… And all of this money goes into our community and helps our local businesses thrive.

I love living in Massachusetts and plan to stay here for years to come. I only hope the job I love will be here as well.

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