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I was born and raised in Massachusetts and me and my family currently still reside here. I work as a model and actress. I happily decided to make modeling and acting my full-time career in 2008 upon graduating with a Master’s in Business Administration from Simmons College in Boston. However, since the inception of my career I’ve had to go outside the USA, primarily into Europe, for work since I was not booking enough jobs here in MA for me to make a profit, let alone make enough to cover my basic needs.

I was raised by Italian immigrant parents who had to leave Italy, their place of birth and where their immediate and extended family resided and currently resides, in the 1970’s due to a lack of work. Italy’s economy currently is and still is today, by no means, nowhere comparable to the USA’s. I, however, being raised in this country and educated here at a Master’s Degree level should not have to do the same for it would be a disgrace to all our forefathers who for generations developed this country into a nation with so much prosperity and opportunity.

The thought that this film tax credit, which took the effort of many to pass in the early 2000’s, would be eliminated, is utterly demoralizing for thousands of working class MA residents. Eliminating the MA film and television production incentive not only will cost jobs, it will drive thousands of jobs created by the production of films and TV shows in MA to competing states, destroying a strong and growing local industry and rob families of a promising future.

I have diligently studied and developed myself for my career since childhood and I don’t want to have to make the same sacrifices my parents made and live far from my family to support myself. With this, I ask that you do your part to save MA film jobs. I look forward to receiving word on this issue’s resolutions and, in the meantime, I am committed to closely following its evolution with the hope that a favorable plan of action may be reached so that I may realize my dream of enjoying my career successes alongside my parents who so generously immigrated to this country so that I could reap the benefits of a more prosperous career.

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