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My name is Tim Lewis. When I started out before 1997, it was near impossible to cobble together a decent living. There was no FTI and we were lucky to see one or two movies each year. At the time I had a young child and another was soon to follow. Family demands were such that I had to leave the business I loved twice, for regular jobs. Each time those jobs dried up or the money couldn’t compete with movie money, and I came back to the job I always wanted. The FTI has been such an amazing success for me and my family. The FTI has allowed me to enjoy several years of solid work in the field I love and to continue raise my children in Massachusetts.

The film and media industry can be a major boon to the economy of Massachusetts. Since the FTI, roots have taken hold for a vibrant and creative industry. If we preserve the FTI, someday Massachusetts will be known for film/media along with fields it has traditionally been known for such as education, high tech, bio tech, medicine and pharma. Now that would be a diverse, dynamic and powerful economy!

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