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My name is Justin Bliss, and I work in the art department on films shot in the New England area. I began working in the film industry about six years ago as I finished my film degree. Having been born and raised almost exclusively in New England, the film tax incentive has been a true gift that has allowed me to work in a field that I love, all while staying close to my family and friends.

The elimination of the film tax incentive would surely stifle the great film community that has sprouted here and force not only me but also many other hardworking film crew into a difficult predicament with no ideal outcome. A choice would have to be made between leaving the career we love in film production or leaving the New England we love and call home in order to seek refuge in one of the states that offers the film tax incentives. Although that sounds like a bleak fork in the road, I hope to remain optimistic that our political leaders will realize the value and importance of preserving this great art form in the great state of Massachusetts and preserve my livelihood in the process.

If the curtain is drawn on the film tax incentive, it will mean an abrupt end to my career in Massachusetts as well. This is a plea to keep the film tax incentive so I can continue doing what I love, where I love, for years to come.

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