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My name is Joseph Kearney. I have worked as a construction coordinator in the film business for over 25 years, nationally and internationally. I spent ten of those years in Los Angeles, CA. Due to the tax incentive in Massachusetts, for the past eight years I have been able to return to my home state. I am from a small town in western Massachusetts called Shelburne Falls. Shelburne Falls has been the setting for two feature films, and I saw firsthand how far the film tax incentive reached, touching lives and livelihoods in my community.

I have worked on over 20 feature films in Massachusetts. As a construction coordinator, I am responsible for hiring local crew and buying materials and supplies from local vendors. In my opinion, the financial impact of the film tax incentive on the local economy has been nothing but absolutely positive. I have seen firsthand the families of crew directly benefiting and businesses large and small positively impacted. Additionally, there are opportunities for careers in film that may not otherwise have been possible.

We, the film crew, are hardworking, taxpaying men and women who are able to live and support our local communities as long as the film tax incentive continues. Please support it!


My Name is Ted Suchecki. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, and am a lifelong resident. I attended UMass Amherst and have a bachelor of science degree. I started working as a PA in 1989 for Cablevision and I currently work as a construction coordinator.

Early in my career, it was very difficult to make a living in the film industry. Shows would come to the state, bring most of the department heads and staff from out of state, and hire from the then-small local crew. As time went on, though, our brothers and sisters rose up to fill these positions. Also, many started businesses in their respective crafts to supply the industry while existing businesses began to benefit. Then, in 2006, the state enacted the Massachusetts Film Tax Credit law. The film industry boomed because of it!

It created thousands of new jobs and, all of a sudden, we couldn’t find enough people to fill them. Concurrently, new businesses sprang up overnight that directly support film, such as VFX, editorial, and post-production facilities. In states where tax incentives have been eliminated, film production has stopped. Businesses have closed, people have lost well-paying jobs with health benefits, and ultimately tax revenue from the industry has been lost. I urge you all to fight to keep the tax incentive in place. Reach out to your state senators and representatives. Give them the real economic data and tell them your story.

Please support and continue the Massachusetts film tax incentive!

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