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My name is Christopher Lee. I am a creative director at Magnetic North Media, LLC. When I was 12 years old, I bought my first camera and it was love at first roll. I then vowed to spend every single day devoting my energy to one day reach my childhood dream of “working in the movies.” Five years ago, at 21 years old, I moved from Arkansas to Massachusetts with my sights locked on achieving that dream.

Now, thanks to Massachusetts film jobs, I am someone who looks forward to going to work; I am someone who is actually living their childhood dream; and, most importantly, I have made lifelong friends whom I now consider my family.

We’re a family of PAs, ACs, DPs, ADs, APs, directors, editors, sound mixers, and more. We’re a family of men and women who will stand in four-degree weather for 12 hours. We’re a family of people who will do whatever we can to make sure the shot is made. We’re a family of resilient, hardworking, and inspiring people who are all living the dream that we set out for when we were told we “could do anything we wanted.”

Without the proper film incentives, the dreams of these people will slowly diminish, and this family will crumble.

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