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My name is Sydney Sherrell, I grew up and live in Belmont MA. My father is a producer and raised me in the industry. He and my mother made a movie while she was pregnant with me. You could say the film industry runs through my veins. I love my job. My father wanted me to became an actress but I much prefer being behind the scene and the hard work that comes with it. I have tried many other jobs, from organic farming to temping and office work, nothing is as rewarding as working on a set. I have been working freelance in this industry since I was 19, I’m 24 now. I currently work as a Production Assistant, and have a part-time job at Cambridge Community Television. I have been the photographer for the Woods Hole Film Festival for 4 years. I work 7 days a week and love it. I have perused happiness and succeeded. Is that not my inalienable right?

My family is here, if the incentive were to go away I could not afford to live here anymore and would most likely move to New York. My father lives in Massachusetts because I live in Massachusetts. He cannot handle New England winters without my assistance. This past winter I went to his house and helped shovel his driveway, walkway and sidewalk.

This is my livelihood.

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