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My name is Tahira Custis.

I am a graduate film production student at Boston University and the number of Massachusetts film jobs available here will directly affect whether students stay within the state after graduation.

Photo-on-4-15-15-at-7.23-PMMy name is Tyler Jonas Castro. Filmmaking in Boston has allowed me to use the city’s unique architecture and historic locations to create films that could not be produced in any other place. The filmmakers here have also proved to be an eclectic bunch of creative people who have a great passion for the art of filmmaking in all its aspects. I would love to see the community continue to thrive and expand as everybody continues to hone their craft.


My name is Connor Crosby. I’m a junior at Fitchburg State University majoring in film and video. Since the age of ten, I have created everything from silly, meaningless skits to short documentaries that are showing in schools across the nation. Because I only have about a year left until graduation, I’m deeply concerned that the removal of the Massachusetts film tax incentive will make it very hard for me and others to find work. Let’s all work together to save Massachusetts film jobs and allow more to be created in the future!

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