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I have been working in the film industry for 12 years now. I work wherever the work will take me. When work does take those of us in the industry away from home, it not only takes us away from our families and homes, but it also takes our tax dollars, and any money that productions spend when filming. I am also a business owner in New England.  I own a salon and have employed stylists who have made a lot of money due to the film industry. Actors, producers, and traveling crew members need cuts and color while in town as well as dinner, lodging travel, etc.


My name is Brenda McNally. I am a journeyman hairstylist. I am a single mother. I do not know where I would be if it weren’t for the strong and professional camaraderie of each and every member of my film family. I am fortunate to be a home owner, which I otherwise would not have been, if not for the films I’ve worked on in Massachusetts. I am proud of the quality of each and every film I have made with this special group. Thirty-nine of the films I hold dear to my heart were made right here in all corners of Massachusetts. Let’s not forget the times I’ve walked in to a far-out-of-the-way beauty supply shop and purchased enough in one day to cover the quota of that business for the month! We do leave our hearts where we work. Let’s not forget the faces you see here and the quality of life each of us has been able to make for our families. Do not take the tax incentive away.

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