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My name is Wally Argo. I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I began working in the film industry in 1978 to support myself while in college. I went to school to become a journalist, but discovered that working on movies, television commercials, documentaries and the like was where I belonged. I have since raised a family here, and both my children have gone to Massachusetts colleges. My 24-year-old son is now working in the business to support himself as he figures out how to navigate a career in the music industry.

I know that eliminating the Massachusetts film and television production incentive at this time would make it virtually impossible for hundreds like me to continue supporting their families here. It would also cause large-scale losses for many other businesses in Massachusetts that have profited greatly from the motion picture industry over the years.

Keep the incentive alive, keep Massachusetts working!


I’m an LA-born, NH-raised camera operator and jib operator, and I have worked on almost 100 productions in Massachusetts alone. This tax incentive¬†is what keeps my company and me working. Whether it’s renting out gear on features or crewing on national broadcasts, this incentive is what puts food on the table and all of us working.
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