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I have been working in the film industry for the past two years as an actor/electrician. I am a licensed electrician and non-union actor. I grew up in Boston and I remember how things where before the tax incentive. I wouldn’t have been able to get into the industry before. The tax incentive has definitely helped me get started and stay busy in this industry without having to move to NYC or LA.


My name is David F. Norcott. I am a licensed electrician in Massachusetts and I am one of the thousands of people and businesses that earn a living from the TV and movie industry as a direct result of the film tax incentive. If the tax incentive is eliminated, most if not all of these jobs would go to some other state that offers a tax incentive to the film industry.

I believe the benefits of the tax incentive go beyond the direct spending with businesses and the hiring of local labor. It also resultsĀ in increased tourism as the film industry shows off the beautiful scenery of our state to filmgoers around the world. Please do what you can to help preserve theĀ film tax incentive.

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