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My name is Stephen Shultz, and I am a police officer, taxpayer, voter, consumer, and provider for my family. I provide for my family by working as a police officer. However, in order to provide for them adequately, I MUST get a substantial amount of additional work, and some of that work is in the form of police details on film sets.

The film work varies, and might be directing traffic or providing security. While I’m performing a service for the film industry, they are enabling me to work the extra work needed to provide for my family. In essence, those police details, which are paid for by the film companies, benefit everyone by putting extra police officers on the street, which in turn makes the streets safer. It is through my work with the film industry that I am able to see the effect the film productions have not only on the people they employ directly, but also on all of the vendors, shopkeepers, restaurants, subcontractors, etc., who benefit from their presence.

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