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My name is Jenna Dayton and I am a Script Supervisor here in Massachusetts. I moved here from CT a little over a year ago. I was deciding between New York or Boston but ended up here because I love this city and wanted to make a life here. The film industry here has allowed me to join the union and live in the city I love-doing what I love to do. I have been working steadily since I moved and truly believe my career would not be what it is thus far if it hadn’t been for the opportunities that the film industry in this state has given me. If the work leaves I will have to too.



My name is Kelly Cronin. I was born and raised in Brighton, MA and have worked in the film business as a script supervisor in Boston since 1996. Early in my career I found myself having to be on the road for work. However since the tax incentives were enacted I have been so lucky to work and live in my home state. I own a home in Oxford, MA and am able to be here for my family. If the tax incentives are eliminated I will have to leave the state to keep up my livelihood.

Please keep the tax incentives in place, while will keep the film work in Massachusetts and keep me working in the state I love


My name is Jill Reurs and I work in a few different capacities. I work as a Script Supervisor, I also work as a Production Office Coordinator and I work as a Set Dresser. Boston is a great place to work and has a terrific reputation among producers, directors, studios, networks, ad agencies and new media. Because of the MA film tax incentive we attract a lot of projects. In my position I work closely with Producers and Directors and they tell me over and over they like making their projects in Massachusetts and they want to come back and make more projects. Happily this has happened many times over thanks to the MA film tax incentive. I’ve also seen firsthand how money is spent in-state in terms of hiring local people and local companies and buying supplies and services in-state.

When a movie production sets up shop it’s like an empty department store. There are approximately twenty departments (construction, lighting, rigging, props, camera, costume, casting, set dressing, and catering, to name just a few). Each department has to be fully staffed and fully stocked for the length of the production. And if there are multiple movies shooting in Massachusetts at the same time, (which there often are), that means each movie has to have their twenty departments staffed and stocked. It adds up to a lot of people, a lot of materials and a lot of service and support. That means jobs and business for many Massachusetts residents and Massachusetts-based companies. Thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in in-state spending. It also provides terrific ‘product placement’ for the Commonwealth in terms of beautiful shots of our state and/or seeing intriguing places that the viewing audience will want to visit. And they do visit. So for my money the MA film tax incentive is doing exactly what it was designed to do – create an incentive and attract business to Massachusetts on many levels. It’s working and it’s working well. Please keep the MA film tax incentive in place.


My name is Ty Taylor, and I am a Set PA and nonunion script supervisor working as a local in the great state of Massachusetts. It was a personal victory for me to forgo a 9 to 5 job I’d held for 13 years and roll up my sleeves to work in this film industry full-time, 12-plus hours a day. I know the incentive program is working because I am working… A LOT… and I’ve never been happier in my life. In choosing this career, I’ve made strides in reaching my personal goals and have built relationships and connections that I feel will span a lifetime. However, the removal of the tax incentive would be catastrophic to me, the industry, and to Massachusetts as a whole. I do not want to see this state lose its foothold in this exponentially growing industry, which aids and supports so very many local businesses and residents. This is my community. This is your community. We are the commonwealth. Please continue to support Massachusetts and its taxpayers by continuing and supporting the Massachusetts film tax incentive.



My name is Betsy Kuehn, and I have worked in the Massachusetts film and TV industry for almost seven years, most often as a script supervisor. Massachusetts has been my home since moving here from Los Angeles in 2008. I feel fortunate to now work in a city where I choose to live rather than where I have to live. While here, I’ve been given many unique opportunities that have launched my career. I certainly would not be where I am today without the jobs that have come to Massachusetts because of the film tax incentive.

At the same time, I’ve been integrated into a community that is not standard to just any filming location. This community pushes me to be better and adheres to the same standards and practices that mold desirable employees and community members. This familiarity enhances teamwork, holds people accountable, and produces pride for a job well done. This group has established an operation that produces award-winning work in a place we all call home.

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