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I’m William and I’m a studio mechanic. Working in this business, I see up close how much money is being spent in Massachusetts by those who not only come here to work, but also by those who live here. The trickle-down effect is amazing. Vendors, rental companies, restaurants, hotels and housing, coffee shops and bakeries, clothing stores and cleaners, and gas stations, to name just a few, see money spent by our industry. Cities, towns, and businesses get paid rental fees for the use of their properties. Cities and towns put this extra money to work on projects without having to making budget cuts or raise taxes.

Me, personally: I am working, I pay my own insurance with money I make, and I’m able to upgrade tools and my vehicle. My check gets taxed and goes to the state. And I shop here, creating more tax income for the state.

If the film industry leaves (and it likely will, if the incentives are eliminated), I feel that it will hurt more than help our economy, because Massachusetts will lose out on income that will surely go elsewhere.

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