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My name is Gregg McCutcheon. Most of my life has been spent in the world of training and workforce development. I have been working in the film industry as a training coordinator for the past five years. My position would not exist if it weren’t for the film tax incentive. It has brought about the rapid increase in production taking place in Massachusetts in recent years.

I really don’t know any “Hollywood types.” But, on a daily basis, I do see hardworking production crew members who are dedicated to their craft and are able to work and live locally. They and their families, like mine, benefit directly from the film tax incentive. There are also many more people and businesses who benefit.

This industry positively impacts most of the towns and cities across the state. Small businesses such as restaurants, lumber yards, clothing stores, dry cleaners, bakeries, all kinds of rental companies, convenience stores and many more, benefit from the increased business they do because productions come to this area.

Thanks to the Massachusetts film tax incentive, I have the opportunity to do the work I love with a great group of people and provide for my family, here in Massachusetts. Like many thousands who work in this industry and live in this state, our livelihood depends on the opportunities made possible by the Massachusetts film tax incentive.

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