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My name is Cyndy Doll, and I’ve been working in the Massachusetts film industry as an actor for quite some time. To pursue the work I love to do, I’ve had to travel to New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, because of the lack of work in Massachusetts. However, since the film tax incentive was implemented, work has increased substantially in Massachusetts. Instead of having to travel to pursue work, I’ve not only found work locally, but I’ve found enough quality work to join the Screen Actors Guild and even qualify for their health/pension plan.

The opportunities this incentive has provided has been huge for me. Not only has it allowed me to work in a field that I love, it has also provided me an opportunity to make a living close to home.

Before this incentive, the amount of work available for me could make this seem like a hobby. Since the incentive, the amount of work has turned it into a job with benefits!

I was born and raised in Newton, MA. I still live in the house where I grew up in Newton with my elderly mother, whom I care for. I pay taxes in Massachusetts. I vote in Massachusetts. I spend in Massachusetts. I am a Massachusetts resident who — thanks to this incentive — has been employed in a thriving industry in Massachusetts. In the past, I have struggled to work in the field that I love, and that has all changed thanks to the film tax incentive. Please support it and keep these jobs in Massachusetts. Thank you!

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