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Q. Can you tell me a little bit about what the Film Tax Incentive is?

The Massachusetts Film Tax Incentive was created and passed to attract film productions to the state. Productions spend a large amount of money in the local economy and create jobs for local people. It is widely known in the industry that a state can be the most beautiful place on Earth, but a production will favor a state that has an incentive and likely go there.

Q. Hollywood movies and TV actors live in California. How does a tax credit benefit MA at all?

The answer to this question is three fold. Most importantly: movies and TV spend a lot of money in the state they are filming in. Here’s how:

1. Movie and TV productions spend money that benefits the state by hiring local, hard working family people. They are the crew who is on set or directly involved with the production of a movie or TV. They pay income tax and spend their paychecks in the local economy. This site hopes to shine a light on who those people are. Click here to view some of the people who would be affected if the MA Film Tax Incentive went away.

2. Movies and TV spend money in local business and it benefits the state. For example, a local pizza shop who supplies dinner for 100 + people. Thousands of dollars per production are spent in local florists, apparel shops, automotive parts, hardware stores, fabric stores, bike shops, and antique shops. There’s more: security, locations permits, printing, truck and van rental, the list goes on and on. These small businesses pay income tax and spend their paychecks in the local economy. This site hopes to shine a light on who those people are.  Click here to view some of the businesses who would be affected if the MA Film Tax Incentive went away.

3. Movies and TV spend money on highly paid actors and executives and it benefits the state. These actors may have their primary residence in a different state, but they pay income tax in MA.

Bottom line: the more Massachusetts invests in the film industry in MA, the more money it will receive in return.

Q. Is there a study I can read on the economic impact of the MA Film Tax Incentive?

Yes: Economic Impacts of the Massachusetts Film Tax Incentive Program

Q. Who runs this site and how is it funded?

My name is Kate and I am the wife of a Set Lighting Technician, the mother to our twin two year old daughters, a home owner in Medford, MA and a small business owner. On March 3rd I read a very interesting quote by Governor Baker. He wanted to kill the Film Tax Credits in order to “send a signal that we believe in supporting people who are working real hard to get ahead”.  I looked up at my husband who had gotten in at 6 am from a grueling and physically demanding 16 hour day working on a film set. He needed to sleep, he had about 8 hours before he would be going back to work. Sleep was going to have to wait. He had to watch our twin daughters while I went to work. He never complained once. He’s happy to have his job.

I could not think of a single person who fit the definition of “working real hard to get ahead” more. Then I remembered the rest of the crew and their families and the sacrifice of time with loved ones and sleep we all make so that our husbands and wives can work to provide for their families. I sat down and wrote this and decided this time, I’m not sitting on the sidelines. In 2010 the MA film tax credits were threatened and our lives, as well as the lives of many other families across Massachusetts, were thrown into financial turmoil for 3 years. We are just getting back on our feet with a very promising year ahead. was up and running in about 24 hours and the support was overwhelming. I’ve been humbled time and again by the stories of the local people and businesses who share their stories and the outreached hands offering to help in any way they can. This is a testament to how strong and unified the Massachusetts film industry has become, thanks to the Film Tax Incentive.

The Save MA Film Jobs movement is a grass roots movement run entirely by a very dedicated group of volunteers. We have no funding.



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